Track miles with ease!


Log your miles,

Our smart drive detection and tracking technology automatically logs your drives and records location, route and time. No start & stop necessary!

Forgot your phone or ran out of battery? Enter your start and stop locations to easily add a new drive and let Pathmile do the rest.

Stay organized and log notes, parking fees and toll fees for every single drive. Never forget important information on your drives and see how much you’re spending.


Classify with a single swipe, left or right.

You can classify your drives as business or personal with ease - swipe right for business or swipe left for personal.

Personalize your drives with custom purposes and get the most out of your miles. Save on your charity, medical or moving mileage or add custom purposes for detailed record-keeping.

Save time and allow Pathmile to do the work for you. Set your working hours and all drives outside those hours will be automatically classified as personal.


Smarter decisions, through data

Get dynamic reports directly in the mobile or web app. Easily filter your drives by date, classification type or vehicle and quickly find the information you need.

Stay updated through our comprehensive weekly and/or monthly reports sent directly to your inbox, or generate custom PDF reports in the app.

Get compliant mileage logs, including all the details you need to file for your tax deductions.


Customizable, just for you.

Use standard IRS mileage rates. If you’re not in the US or are tracking miles for reimbursement, add custom mileage rates for each purpose.

Set your favorite locations for accurate and easy-to-read reporting. As soon as you edit an address, we’ll store and reuse it for future drives.

Add multiple vehicles to your account and get detailed mileage reports for each vehicle.

For Teams

Pathmiles makes mileage tracking and reimbursements for teams easy. Get accurate reports, increase transparency and make sure your team is focused on real work.

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