Mileage tracking for teams


Log team drives,

Simplify mileage tracking for your team. Pathmile tracks every drive automatically and helps your company keep accurate mileage reports.

No more second-guessing. Accurate GPS routes for every drive guarantee fair and transparent reimbursements.

Get set up in minutes - no hardware or complex installs required. Your smartphone tracks all your drives and logs miles automatically.


Classify with a single swipe, left or right.

Team members classify their drives with a single swipe and keep accurate records for all of their drives. Add custom drive purposes for further customization.

Create a custom mileage reimbursement program to fit your company’s needs. Assign custom values for each drive purpose.

Your drives are private and secure. Only drives you classify as business drives will be visible in the mileage report; all other drives remain private.


Smarter decisions, through data

Simplify the reimbursement process with accurate and automated reports. Get in-depth and actionable insights on your team’s drives in real time.

Get accurate mileage reports for your entire team, downloadable as intuitive and simple-to-read PDF and CSV files.

Forget error-prone paper logs and build trust through complete transparency. Access the data you need, when you most need it.

How it works

Understand how mileage tracking for teams works



Track Drives

Employees track their drives with the Pathmile app automatically. All their drives are private and only they can see them.



Classify Drives

Employees classify their drives as business or personal. Business drives become available for review from managers immediately.



Review Reports

Managers review their team’s business drives through the Pathmile app or the weekly & monthly emailed reports.

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